vrijdag, mei 27, 2011


79°35'1.20"N - 10°24'14.13"E

Tonight, we sailed from the Fram Strait back to Spitsbergen and arrived at Amsterdam island, just outside Magdelenefjorden. The fjord was very foggy and ghostly.

We visited the former whaling station and graveyard at Smeerenburg, anno 1612, where British, Dutch and German whalers are buried. We went ashore with the Zodiacs and met some incredible blue ice underway.

Afterwards, we moved close to the glacier and stayed there for some hours. It is quiet, the only noise comes from the "clicking" ice: small bubbles of oxygen popping free during melting.

79°43'35.34"N - 11° 1'27.89"E
Next was a visit to another Dutch whaling station, anno 1614. There were 3 walruses lying around on the beach and farting away. And another trip to Virgo Beach with the Zodiacs.

It has been a very busy day. We will stay at Smeerenburg for some hours so everyone can send their emails. The coming days, we will sail north, into the polar ice.

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