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zondag, september 30, 2012

Weekend on Vengsøya

Aurora Borealis over Vengsøya

Full moon over Vengsøya Bay

donderdag, september 20, 2012

Longyearbyen coal harbor

Charcoal and pastel on Ingres

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Follow my friend

"On 26 July, 2012 our ocean-science party, with members from Iceland, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States, will board the northbound British Royal Research Ship James Clark Ross in Reykjavik, Iceland for a thirty-day expedition along the East Greenland Coast to the High-Arctic island of Spitsbergen."

You can follow the expedition here

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zondag, juni 17, 2012

Smeerenburg beach


At Longyearbyen airport now, flight back to Tromsø soon.
We did not have any access to internet the past few days, so I will post a bunch of pictures now.
We had some really nice weather around Ny Ålesund and went to some beautiful, lonely beaches. I also had a close encounter with a magical glacier...

We sailed to the Fram Strait and into the polar ice. It feels like the edge of the world, and quite a contrast.

donderdag, juni 14, 2012

woensdag, juni 13, 2012


Visiting the Polish station.
Then into the fjord, visiting the glaciers.
Lectures on scientific journalism and oil spills at sea.

dinsdag, juni 12, 2012

Pyramiden panorama

Pyramiden Bar


Pyramiden, a Russian ghost town. After a long walk we find an open café !? Wodka for everyone!
Continue to Barentsburg. National day in Russia, everyone is dressed up and in a good mood. After the Barentsburg museum, we continue towards the Barentsburg Hotel, and the bar. Very nice.

maandag, juni 11, 2012


11.6: Arrival at Svalbard Airport, 14:00h
Helmer Hanssen is floating in the fjord, all mooring space is occupied. We drop the luggage and go to UNIS: University in Svalbard. First to the Svalbard museum where we get a guided tour. Then to Kroa for some food, a couple of beers and socializing

zaterdag, juni 09, 2012

Outreach cruise

7 days to Spitsbergen with politicians and business people as guests on board Helmer Hanssen, UIT's expedition vessel. (11.6 - 17.6) Daily updates when possible.

zaterdag, mei 05, 2012

Photos: Griet Scheldeman

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More Aurora pictures

Aurora Borealis movie

This was what I saw yesterday from the balcony of my apartment:

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